Journey Journals, 5.28.2014

11:45 am, on the subway to reach the airport shuttle

Two people holding hands on the subway. An infant being scolded by his mother, hair wild and arms flying. An old man sitting by himself, leaning to the side and holding his crutch. An instant connection between the two strangers as the baby reaches out and the old man takes hold of his tiny hand. Small engulfed within large. The man stares at the babe with deep emotion, smiling and sending air kisses with the other free hand. The infant returns his earnest gaze, taking in every wrinkle and line on the man’s aged face. The connection breaks as the infant is momentarily distracted, then takes hold again. The process repeats itself.

Sometime later the old man gets up to leave, slowly and deliberately, his right arm clutching his crutch. The infant watches him go with outstretched arms before forgetting this brief encounter for the next new experience to enter his wide open mind through his wide open eyes.
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Day 13 – And That’s a Wrap!

Ok, it’s officially official. My time here at Cannes is done. I’m leaving tomorrow, but before I start packing, I wanted to write this final entry into my Cannes Film Festival adventures logbook. It has been a great time, and one of the most memorable two weeks of my life. I met new people, watched some amazing films (and some not so great ones), and even spotted a few A-listers. Today, I think, was the perfect way to end my Cannes experience: by watching more movies, of course. I made it to four! And they were all ones I’ve been wanting to see, so I can leave this festival with no regrets.
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Day 12 – Holding On and Letting Go

The Closing Ceremony was tonight, and by now the results for all the prizes for films in competition are probably all over the internet. In case you do care, though, here is the complete list of winners of the 67th Cannes Film Festival:

The Camera d’Or for best first feature film went to the directing team of Party Girl: Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, and Samuel Theis. The film competed in the “Un Certain Regard” festival lineup, and for that it also received the prize for best ensemble. I really enjoyed the film, although it feels like it has been forever ago since I watched it on the first or second day of the festival.

Best Actor went to Timothy Spall for his biopic Mr. Turner. I didn’t watch this film, but Spall’s speech took forever and was hilarious – he was just so flustered and nervous up there! But the speech was sincere, and I’m sure it was a well-deserved award.

Best Actress went, surprisingly, to Julianne Moore for her performance in Maps to the Stars. I also did not watch this (although I’m considering it for tomorrow), but I did not expect this result. If anything, I think Marion Cotillard deserved it for Two Days, One Night, but I guess I can’t judge without having seen the movie.

Best Screenplay went to the team that wrote Leviathan, Andrey Zvyagintsev and Oleg Negin.

Two Jury Prizes were awarded, one for Godard’s Goodbye to Language and one for Xavier Dolan’s Mommy.

Best Director was awarded to Bennett Miller for Foxcatcher, which was another surprise for me, though I liked the film. I think with the movie’s domestic November wide-release it is prime Oscar material.

The Grand Prix went to La Meraviglie, an Italian film that I had heard was not that amazing, so another surprise there.

Finally, the Palme d’Or was awarded to Turkish film Winter’s Sleep. This was not as much of a surprise, as I have heard people raving about this movie for a while now. Continue reading

Day 11 – One More Weekend

Okay, now it’s really hitting me that Cannes is coming to a close. The official closing ceremony is tomorrow (gonna be begging for tickets for that hard tomorrow afternoon), and then the rest of the weekend is all re-screenings of festival-chosen films that have premiered before. There are still tons I want to watch and still haven’t watched, so I will be running around like crazy, but today there were already visibly less people than earlier this week. Hopefully this means that I can beg for a closing ceremony ticket easier, but I really am not holding out much hope. We’ll see I guess. Continue reading

Day 10 – Fatigue

As great as the Cannes festival is, and as much as I’m enjoying it, it is so tiring. From planning out which movies you want to catch to waking up at 8 am to watch a 9:30 screening to running around the Croisette all day to different theaters and screenings, Cannes can tire you out very easily. The weather today did not help either; periods of heavy rain and clouds put a damper on everyone’s moods. I still managed to fit in 3 movies, however, and enjoyed all three more than I enjoyed the movies yesterday. And I only slightly dozed off during one of them! You should be proud. Continue reading

Day 9 – Already?!

Cannes is flying by. I hadn’t really realize before, probably because I was too engrossed in all the movie watching and celebrity spotting and party crashing, but it really goes by so quickly. Although it feels like we have been here forever, each day passes by so fast and before you know it the festival is already almost over. There were markedly less people today than yesterday, for example. And it all just only goes downhill from here… Continue reading

Day 8 - It’s Getting Crowded in Here

There are so many people at Cannes now it’s ridiculous. At the start of the festival last week it was manageable, but now no matter where I go there is an endless line of people waiting to see any given movie. I don’t enjoy this waiting in line thing as much; it ruins my entire movie-watching schedule and doesn’t allow me to watch nearly as many films as I would like. And the press – especially the press. Where did they all come from?? It’s like overnight the number of people in Cannes doubled, and it’s all press. Which sucks for me, because press always gets allowed access to a screening before everyone else. Which means sometimes just press can take up an entire theater, and I wait on line for 2-3 hours to watch a film that I then can’t get into. As a result, I only watched 3 films today, but enjoyed all 3.

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